Every teacher of every year you have been in school has taught you a life lesson. One of my teachers that taught me a life lesson was my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Mitchell.

When I first met Mrs. Mitchell, she was a kind and generous person. If you asked her for something, she would give it to you with full respect. She always liked to have fun, but she would say that you have to work in order to have fun.

But, as the school year passed on, she and I got to know each other better. I would always call her if I needed help with my homework. Sometimes I would get in trouble, and she would give me consequences. Later on in life, I’m going to thank her because those consequences teach me how to be a better person, so that I can learn from my mistakes.

Now, we may have had our rough times, but we worked it out. She taught me a lot that I would have never known from anyone else. She was very helpful in times when I wasn’t feeling well. She was one of the first teachers that made me feel like I really learned things.

To conclude, she taught me a lot that can take me far in life so that I can succeed. I learned if you want to do something, just put your mind to it, and try new things. She told me, “Don’t be the same you, be the new you, and become a dream maker.”


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